Gets a personal loan using your condominium as collateral in Bangkok. By  Luxe Loans

“Kai Faak” or “Sell with the right of redemption” is a traditional financing option in Thailand where the creditor will become the sole holder the title deed (chanote) and give the borrower the right to buy the deed back within a specific period of time

Gets your approval & money within one business day.

If application is received before 11:00am, the property can be viewed and approved within the same day. Once the application is approved, documents will be submitted to the Department of Lands and you will receive cash or cashier cheque in the same time.

Receive 40-60% of property value in collateral loan.

Contract between 6 months to 1 year

Must be completed legally at the Department of Lands


  • Original deed
  • Proof of cleared condominium arrears
  • Proof of ownership of property (cannot be authorized via pass back authority)

Interest rate at least 1.25% MPR

    Documents required:

  1. Front and back copies of original deed
  2. Pictures of condominium
  3. Proof of ownership of property
  4. Name and contact details

Please send the above documents via Line: @luxeloans or via email to  and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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